Pre-Surgical Instructions

Rabbits should be at least 3 months of age to qualify for surgery.

It is important for rabbits to eat before surgery. Rabbits need not and should not be fasted. Healthy food items that they normally eat and like to eat should accompany your rabbit carrier.

It is also important for rabbits to eat immediately after surgery. Please pack an afternoon snack for your rabbit. This should include appetizing, nutritious vegetables such as cilantro, parsley, carrot tops, or other leafy greens. You may also bring along a small handful of your bunny’s favorite hay. Keep the hay in a bag so the hay doesn’t escape all over.

Transporting your rabbit

We will keep your bunny safe and secure while at our clinic. We want to make sure your bunny is safe and secure during the trip here. To assure this you must transport your rabbit(s) in an appropriate transport carrier. This will be your bunny’s home while at the clinic. The wrong carrier can lead to disaster on the way to the clinic if your rabbit escapes in the car.

The carrier ideally should have both a front opening AND a top opening.  The carrier must be the right size, not too big nor too small.  It should be big enough so we can lay your bunny down in it after surgery without being all scrunched up.

There should be a towel or newspaper on the bottom of the carrier to keep it padded and absorb any urine. Do not use shavings or hay on the bottom of the carrier.

We recommend that you visit the following website for a full discussion of transport carriers for rabbits:

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