Project BunnySnip provides low-cost high-quality spay & neuter surgeries and basic wellness care to rabbits in Miami, Florida. We operate out of established veterinary hospitals, ready to provide the safest possible sterilization procedures for our rabbit friends.

The program was founded by Dr. Marc Kramer, a veterinarian dedicated to the medical care of rabbits and other exotic pets since 1999. The goals of the project are to humanely reduce unwanted rabbit births, provide access to low-cost spay & neuter services for rabbits, and help owners in their efforts to prevent reproductive diseases and undesirable rabbit behaviors.

A reservation is required in advance to bring rabbits to Project BunnySnip.

To make an appointment, view the schedule, and send us an e-mail or call (305) 387-0721.

Project BunnySnip is part of the larger organization, Project PetSnip.

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Project BunnySnip: Spay & neuter clinic for rabbits in Miami, Florida

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Project BunnySnip

Low-cost spay & neuter for rabbits in South Florida